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Candadian House and Home purple dining room

I don’t think I own anything purple when it comes to home decor. I only own a few purple clothing items. I like the color but it is a shade I find intimidating to work with. I don’t know why. I’ve found 2 very fun and slightly formal purple dining rooms that help me see the potential of purple.

This first dining room is from Canadian House to Home. This room is a deep, royal purple shade. It feels light and airy against the white trim and the white wall. I love the mix of white accessories, including a thrifty white paper lantern. The colors paired with this royal purple make this color workable. I love it paired with that 70’s goldenrod shade and cool purpley cement gray. And and don’t forget the temporary pop of fuchsia from the fresh flowers on the table.This room is purple room that I can see easily replicated in a “real” home. Now to the other room…

The other room I found on the blog, Roomenvy. This room is a bit more “busy” than the Canadian House and Home one. I love a bold and obnoxious wallpaper. So does the owner of this dining room. There is purple printed wallpaper on the ceiling. This isn’t that innovative, being that is a very old-fashioned thing to do. And may I add a bitch to remove. It too us forever in our dining nook to remove layers and layers of wallpaper off a small part of the ceiling. Anyways, I like this dining room because it is over the top, right down to the royal purple rug. This isn’t fitting for my home and I’m sick of seeing bold colored shaggy things. Do you remember our blue faux fur covered cabinets? Well, I do and I’ll

Patterned purple dining room

never see shag as something quirky or retro again. So, this room isn’t something that I see easily being replicated in a “real” home but it is fun to look at. I could easily see a “real” dining room incorporating this bold print on fabrics and maybe having a yellow/goldenrod painted walls.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I’m doing what I can to wrap up some of these projects before I go back to work. That’s keeping me very busy. And they’re boring projects too. Like cleaning, scrapping, touching up projects. These aren’t those creative projects that I crave.



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DIY Picture Frame Shelf

shelf from Country Living

Here’s a really cool DIY shelf from Country Living. Since I found the picture, I’ve found it on many other sites too. I’m trying to find an easy way to incorporate storage in our super small 1930’s bathroom. I like this idea.  I always find fancy picture frames at thrift and antique stores. I don’t buy them because they don’t have glass and because I have to stop hoarding picture frames. (I never use frames). I also can control the depth of the shelf. This is the issue in our small bathroom. Pre-made shelving and storage is too deep. So, now I’m on the hunt for a nice picture frame. Like always, once you are looking for it, you can’t find it. Here’s the tutorial for the shelf on Country Living’s website.

I’ve been super busy trying to finish some of the loose ends around the house. The weather has been oddly cool, rainy, and fall like. This makes me feel like I’m missing out on summer but it makes me keep busy in the house.  Saturday was our 6 year wedding anniversary and our 1 year home ownership anniversary.  So, I’m trying to make up for lost time.


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Maire Claire Maison great room

I love a foresty lichen green. Perhaps because I like fungi? Could be it, but these two rooms are tops. This first rooms is from Maire Claire Maison. It was a cool article that took an unbelievably beautiful space to begin with and gave it 3 makeovers. I like the lichen green one for many reasons. Like I said, this was a great room to begin with. It has dark wood floors in immaculate condition. The ceilings are tall and the natural lighting is breathtaking. And there are great features such as millwork, the fireplace, the door hardware. I love the lichen green walls with the milk chocolate brown trim color. This is unexpected and a bit “moody”. The red accents make the green color pop. I like the room because it has a  cozy feel. Open shelves make books accessible and the large ottoman acts as table. And I’m a fan or antlers/horns. You put those in a room and I’m in love. This room has a very “exotic” feel to it because of the color combination and the mix of objects and textiles.

The other room, a foyer, was featured in Coastal Living. I love this room because the color combination is unexpected and I love this earthy green with wood tones. I also like this room because it is a coastal house that isn’t all light and white. I have been totally inspired by this room. I love the salmon door. I would love to see the exterior of this home. But, it looks awesome against the lichen green. I know what that color combo dominating some portion of my house. Lichen green walls and salmon painted thrift furniture or

Coastal Living lichen green foyer

salmon walls with lichen green fabrics…But, all of the colors work in here from the green to salmon to chartreuse to sky blue to sea pebble gray. I love it. Plus, the space isn’t too shabby with the all of the hardwoods. I also like steps playing bookshelf and the cool collection of pictures and how they line the stairs. And I love ship art. Especially ship art in a seaside home.

So, yeah. I’m liking lichen green rooms.


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Last month’s (June 2010) W Magazine was awesome. It took us into the home of the reclusive fragrance genius Serge Lutens. My other blog is www.eaumg.net. Believe it or not but renovation is not my obsession. Fragrance is. I was delighted to see this article. It merged my obsession with something I’m beginning to be obsessed with, homes. My heart fluttered when I heard of this article. Serge Lutens home is so well, Serge Lutens. It’s exotic, over the top, and complex. In my little girl fragrance fantasy head, this is how I imagine this genius of a Nose living. I couldn’t believe that this is really how he lives.I’m totally intrigued and in awe of this home that took 35 years to complete. (Shoot me if I’m still trying to complete this place in 35 years). I can see why this project became an obsession. I can also understand how he wants to walk away. So much energy to complete such a project! I want to walk away after 1 year of trying to complete a project! I usually don’t like the whole “Moroccan” decor because it is a bit HGTV and I’ve seen so many bad suburban interpretations that embarrass me. But this one is breathtaking. It’s eerie. It’s perfect. Serge Lutens is a master of the senses.

Here is the complete slide show of his reclusive casbah on W Magazine’s site. I have to share this space. I rarely swoon over “celebrity” decor or house tours but this is unbelievable. It’s dreamy, verging on nightmare and that’s why I had to share.


Serge's garden complete with moody night-blooming flowers

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House and Home birdy bedroom

I’m aware that it’s popular and it will be cliché one day, but I can’t help it. I love “bird” imagery. I love nature inspired prints and home decor. It would make sense that I would like the whimsy touch of songbirds in decorating. Here are 2 bedrooms that I’ve stumbled upon. The designers of these bedrooms love birds just as much as I do.

This first bedroom was in Canadian House and Home. It’s cute, thanks to the birds and birdcage wallpaper. I love the carefree print. I have really been craving prints lately and that is very unexpected for me. Everything in the room is “cute”. I like the pieces but together I feel they look a bit contrived. Maybe they don’t look so forced “antique” in person. Pictures are difficult like that. All of the neutral colors really let the wallpaper take center stage here. It’s a charming room.

The other room was featured on Room Envy. This room is much more colorful, but it still has the same vibe. Both rooms have beautifully printed wallpaper, white linens, and a lovely iron bed. This is a bit more “lively” version of the first bedroom shown here. I love the accents of teal. Teal is one of those colors that I

bird bedroom featured on Room Envy

have liked for such a long time. I love the mix of prints and the crisp white linens. I love the wallpaper print and would love to have that print on linens or curtains. Adorable.

Bird wallpaper in cute prints is expensive. Often retailing for about $100 a roll, so many to choose from if you type search “bird”, here. I found a nice bird print with lots of teal for $27.99 a roll here. I’ve never dealt with these companies.  I just know, that I like these prints. I’ve also learned that it pays to shop around and to “give in”. Sometimes you must have vague wants such as “blue bird wallpaper” when you’re remodeling on a budget.

Off subject…I made a plum frangipane tart yesterday and it turned out delicious! I’m really taking this cooking thing up a notch. And I purchased a rolling-pin for $5? I’ve complained for 5 years over something that is $5? Why do I not buy the kitchen items that I need? I’ve decided that if I need it then I will buy it. Having a retro kitchen has motivated me to have “retro” kitchen items such as sifters, rolling-pins, pie weights. You know those things that grandma had around but most young moderns couldn’t identify out of a line up?


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powder blue vintage bathroom

Canadian House and Home blue bathroom

I can’t wait for our bathrooms to be finished. I’m no longer looking for design inspiration for these rooms, just looking for time and money to finish them, but I can still take the time out to appreciate nice vintage designed bathrooms. Both of the baths featured in this post have a vintage, old home feel paired with serene powder blue paint. I love an “old” feeling bathroom.

This first powder blue bathroom was featured in Canadian House and Home. This bath has a very traditional feel with the crisp white tiles and nice woodwork. I love the robin’s egg blue shade used. It looks very clean against the white. The black metal lighting and black mirror add a needed contrast to the room. The black adds elegance. It’s all very simple and it all works. I also like the vanity. I dislike bulky vanities. I don’t see the entire bathroom in this picture making it difficult to comprehend the size of the space. But, I think it is a smaller bath and I know it has lower ceilings. Look at how high the mirror is. This space appears to have a lower/normal height ceiling. I do hate the recessed lighting, but that’s me. Could this be a finished basement bathroom? I don’t know. That’s what I always think when I see recessed lighting: finished basement.

The other powder blue bath was featured in House Beautiful. It has the same feel. It’s classic and traditional and feels tranquil with light blue. It also has lovely tile floors. I love any black/white tile floors. This room is the same color combo as the 1st bath featured but reversed. Check out that subway tile. I love this look in a bathroom. This is a nice and simple bathroom too. It has all the timeless elements, nothing too trendy. The chrome fixtures work nicely. If this was my bathroom I’d have to get rid of the decoration on the toilet. I always find that weird. And the bottle beside the toilet is really strange to me. I don’t know why it is there. It makes me think of, well to put it nicely, camping or a long road trip. Really gross, sorry to mention it.

light blue and white bathroom

House Beautiful vintage feeling blue bathroom

Both baths have the same feel and the same colors. They have bright white and tranquil powder blue with black accents and a more saturated blue thrown in (waste basket in the 1st and strange toilet decor in the 2nd).These baths are simple and despite their “old” feel they seem to go with many styles. I feel that lots of money can be spent on bathroom remodeling, so try to keep it looking classic so it doesn’t feel too dated, if that makes sense 🙂


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Marie Claire Maison dining nook

Oh, dining nooks. I love them. They are cozier than dining rooms. With just the two of us, our dining nook is the perfect size. They create such an intimate dining space.I like both of the nooks that I’ve featured in this post because they are simple, elegant, and just a little bit rustic to make it feel comfortable.

This first dining nook I found on Marie Claire Maison. It’s that classic French flea market perfection. I love the neutral colors and the rustic touches. The lighting and mirror really pop against all of the vanilla shades. I love the eclectic mix white picture frames. It really adds something to this small and simple space. I say this is a small space. Any space like this won’t appear small if paired with such high ceilings! That paired with those long loft windows make this space feel airy and open despite the light colors. Oh, and skylights. So, yeah, this is going to feel like and airy.

I wish I knew where I found this other nook. I like to give credit were credit is due. But, I don’t know where it came from, sorry. This other nook is also light and rustic. Both of the nooks I have featured have those wooden “folding” bistro chairs. It looks like I have picked them out. For some reason, I can not pick out comfortable furniture 🙂 Anyways, this room as the cutest corner built-in painted white as

"Cottage" style dining nook

well. I love it displaying white dishes. I love classic white ceramics on display. This nook is an adorable cottage or bungalow nook. I’m really attracted to it because it reminds me of our nook. I could do this look with our 30’s home.

These are two simple dining nooks with a vintage cottage style. One can’t go wrong with a clean color palette of white and neutrals. It’s a cozy look. I’ve also learned that I am not the only person in the world that doesn’t know how to chose comfortable chairs 🙂 Oh, and fresh produce on a nook table makes any space look better.

Happy Bastille Day! I hope these two rustic dining nooks have inspired you to do a little bit of summer French cooking today.


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