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Last month’s (June 2010) W Magazine was awesome. It took us into the home of the reclusive fragrance genius Serge Lutens. My other blog is www.eaumg.net. Believe it or not but renovation is not my obsession. Fragrance is. I was delighted to see this article. It merged my obsession with something I’m beginning to be obsessed with, homes. My heart fluttered when I heard of this article. Serge Lutens home is so well, Serge Lutens. It’s exotic, over the top, and complex. In my little girl fragrance fantasy head, this is how I imagine this genius of a Nose living. I couldn’t believe that this is really how he lives.I’m totally intrigued and in awe of this home that took 35 years to complete. (Shoot me if I’m still trying to complete this place in 35 years). I can see why this project became an obsession. I can also understand how he wants to walk away. So much energy to complete such a project! I want to walk away after 1 year of trying to complete a project! I usually don’t like the whole “Moroccan” decor because it is a bit HGTV and I’ve seen so many bad suburban interpretations that embarrass me. But this one is breathtaking. It’s eerie. It’s perfect. Serge Lutens is a master of the senses.

Here is the complete slide show of his reclusive casbah on W Magazine’s site. I have to share this space. I rarely swoon over “celebrity” decor or house tours but this is unbelievable. It’s dreamy, verging on nightmare and that’s why I had to share.


Serge's garden complete with moody night-blooming flowers


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Ahh, spring.  Well, maybe not “officially” spring yet. The weather here in the PNW has been so nice (well, for the time being). It’s been very mild and we’ve had more sunny days than usually. The Sound has been beautiful, plum trees are covered in romantic white blossoms, and the days have been so clear that I’ve been able to see snow-covered mountains from many different parts of the house. I have spring fever and it is showing up in my “home” inspirations. Once again, I’m liking the colors we’ve chosen for the house both interior and exterior. I’m liking that we have pinks throughout the house. I’m loving these 2 chartreuse and pink rooms that I have stumbled across. It reminds me of plum blossoms and new spring growth.

"Pink" living room found in Country Living

This first room was found on Country Living’s website. I love the excessive use of petal pink mixed with gilded golds and luxe chartreuse. This room is formal and somehow it manages to be fun. It’s much more “cozier” than the usual formal living rooms/sitting rooms that I lust over. I also like the wallpaper, or at least I think it is wallpaper, covering the back of the built-in bookcases. Our bookcases in the great room look just like these sans the nice touch of wallpaper. By the time we got to the great room, we were both too tired to do anything too creative. Maybe one day…

This other room was found in House Beautiful. It is much heavier on the chartreuse but it still has the same vibe of the living room found in Country Living. The walls are vibrant and I would say I bit unexpected for such a formal space. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of seeing pea green. That’s a good thing. Our exterior color is a pea green (by accident) and I’m just going to learn to live with until our funds get replenished…Anyways, back to the room. I like this color combo used in what seems to be a small space. I didn’t know such a small space could look so luxurious.

Green sitting room found in House Beautiful

It’s the curtains. Overly long curtains create a luxe effect.

I’m off to go plant some wheat grass for Nowruz and to tend to our little seedlings. Our dining nook has turned into a green house. We really have to work on some curb appeal. But, I’ll save that for another day.


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