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White kitchen with colorful accessories

kitchen featured in Living Etc.

These two rooms have so much in common despite their different functions. They are stark white rooms with bold accents of pink, teal, and lime green.

This kitchen and dining room was featured in Living Etc. I am attracted to this space for many reasons. One of the reasons is that it is a small kitchen. I get sick of seeing huge outlandish kitchens in design magazines. The other reason is that it is old. It has brick floors. I can’t remember exactly but I think this is an old Spanish or Portuguese apartment.

Anyways, I love the use of accent colors. The white paint makes the space look fresh and well, it emphasizes the high ceilings. I love the robin’s egg blue counters. And I love the dining room accents. These energetic colors really pop against the white backdrop. These are the kinds of things that are easy to change and perfect for renters. Never underestimate the power of colorful accessories.

And I thought that was a fireplace but it appears to be a secret passage or storage. And I love the chrome diner chairs paired with a sturdy wood table.

This other space, a bedroom nook of some sort or a guest bedroom, was featured in Marie Claire Maison. This room has such an eclectic

Marie Claire eclectic bedroom

Marie Claire bedroom

layered feel. It is like the Living Etc. kitchen and dining room because the room has old architecture, the walls are a crisp white, and there are colorful accessories. I love this bedroom. I love the mix of fabrics and prints. I love the jewel tone colors. I also love that there are paperback books everywhere. You don’t see paperback books in decor magazines very often so they really stand out when they are in a room. I just really like this room because it is so livable and feels like home. It’s eclectic and not stuffy.

It has been a hot weekend here in the PNW. I found some great thrift chairs and a German Shepard paint by number. David found a huge, bright koi picture. I dislike it, too bold. We rarely disagree about home stuff. Marriage is about compromise, right? So, the giant kois are hanging up in the studio.

Well, Frink and I are going to commence the sweating for the day. Old homes without a/c are no fun when temps exceed 90° 😦 Too hot to clean, cook, or renovate.



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Marie Claire Maison dining nook

Oh, dining nooks. I love them. They are cozier than dining rooms. With just the two of us, our dining nook is the perfect size. They create such an intimate dining space.I like both of the nooks that I’ve featured in this post because they are simple, elegant, and just a little bit rustic to make it feel comfortable.

This first dining nook I found on Marie Claire Maison. It’s that classic French flea market perfection. I love the neutral colors and the rustic touches. The lighting and mirror really pop against all of the vanilla shades. I love the eclectic mix white picture frames. It really adds something to this small and simple space. I say this is a small space. Any space like this won’t appear small if paired with such high ceilings! That paired with those long loft windows make this space feel airy and open despite the light colors. Oh, and skylights. So, yeah, this is going to feel like and airy.

I wish I knew where I found this other nook. I like to give credit were credit is due. But, I don’t know where it came from, sorry. This other nook is also light and rustic. Both of the nooks I have featured have those wooden “folding” bistro chairs. It looks like I have picked them out. For some reason, I can not pick out comfortable furniture 🙂 Anyways, this room as the cutest corner built-in painted white as

"Cottage" style dining nook

well. I love it displaying white dishes. I love classic white ceramics on display. This nook is an adorable cottage or bungalow nook. I’m really attracted to it because it reminds me of our nook. I could do this look with our 30’s home.

These are two simple dining nooks with a vintage cottage style. One can’t go wrong with a clean color palette of white and neutrals. It’s a cozy look. I’ve also learned that I am not the only person in the world that doesn’t know how to chose comfortable chairs 🙂 Oh, and fresh produce on a nook table makes any space look better.

Happy Bastille Day! I hope these two rustic dining nooks have inspired you to do a little bit of summer French cooking today.


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