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House and Home white bedroom

Canadian House and Home white bedroom

I love both of the bedrooms here because I like their simplicity. Both rooms have dark metal/iron beds. Both of these rooms remind me of the Tudorks bedroom: dark metal bed, antique luggage, fancy lighting. What do I want after seeing these rooms? White bedding.

This first crisp white bedroom was featured in Canadian House and Home. This is one of those rooms that would be pretty even when standing empty. The ceiling has interesting lines and the floors are stunning. If we were to refinish our hardwoods, this is the stain that I would use. There really isn’t a more classy look that light walls and dark hardwoods. This room has nice accents. I love metal beds and old suitcases and luggage used as storage. This is a winning combination. What would I have done differently in this room? Well, I wouldn’t of painted the window trim a darker shade of white for a needed contrast. People underestimate the power of that little trick when they have bright white walls.

The other bedroom is beautiful as well. I do not recall where this room was first featured. I apologize. It reminds me of the first room because it is white, neutral and the dark metal bed adds needed contrast. This second white bedroom is much more rustic. It looks less new than the House and Home room. This white bedroom has a very old home shape. It looks like the bedrooms in our home. It really looks like a smaller version of our studio.This room also has a dark metal bed and dark pictures for high contrast against the white walls. This room’s floors are the opposite, painted white. It’s such a beautiful look. This room has such a fresh feel but it is grounded by rough antiques. This grit gives this white bedroom character. And note to self: We have walls like the ones in this room and I haven’t put pictures up. I love the row of low paintings. I need to do this. Great excuse to hang

Rustic white bedroom

Rustic white bedroom

up my Audubon  bird pictures.
I really do love both of these rooms. They are my “style”.

I’ve been going through the house taking so many pictures lately. Next week will be the 1 year anniversary of our home ownership and our home restoration. We’ve done so much but it’s easy to think you haven’t when some things are still a wreck. I’m happy we have pictures to remind us of all our hard work. I’m trying to get before and after pictures ready to share. You’ll get some giggles out of the “befores”. Who else do you know moved in a house with a 13 foot mural/silhouette of  a naked lady? Who else do you know had to peel faux fur off of every door in their house? Who else do you know was peeling adhesive off of the ceiling where mirrors used to be? Geez…



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Marie Claire Maison dining nook

Oh, dining nooks. I love them. They are cozier than dining rooms. With just the two of us, our dining nook is the perfect size. They create such an intimate dining space.I like both of the nooks that I’ve featured in this post because they are simple, elegant, and just a little bit rustic to make it feel comfortable.

This first dining nook I found on Marie Claire Maison. It’s that classic French flea market perfection. I love the neutral colors and the rustic touches. The lighting and mirror really pop against all of the vanilla shades. I love the eclectic mix white picture frames. It really adds something to this small and simple space. I say this is a small space. Any space like this won’t appear small if paired with such high ceilings! That paired with those long loft windows make this space feel airy and open despite the light colors. Oh, and skylights. So, yeah, this is going to feel like and airy.

I wish I knew where I found this other nook. I like to give credit were credit is due. But, I don’t know where it came from, sorry. This other nook is also light and rustic. Both of the nooks I have featured have those wooden “folding” bistro chairs. It looks like I have picked them out. For some reason, I can not pick out comfortable furniture 🙂 Anyways, this room as the cutest corner built-in painted white as

"Cottage" style dining nook

well. I love it displaying white dishes. I love classic white ceramics on display. This nook is an adorable cottage or bungalow nook. I’m really attracted to it because it reminds me of our nook. I could do this look with our 30’s home.

These are two simple dining nooks with a vintage cottage style. One can’t go wrong with a clean color palette of white and neutrals. It’s a cozy look. I’ve also learned that I am not the only person in the world that doesn’t know how to chose comfortable chairs 🙂 Oh, and fresh produce on a nook table makes any space look better.

Happy Bastille Day! I hope these two rustic dining nooks have inspired you to do a little bit of summer French cooking today.


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Coming from a landlocked state to a state with generous coastline, I love anything “sea” related. Ocean stuff and aquatic life is so novel and exotic to David and me. We should really be playing up our proximity to the ocean in our home decor. We have a few things but I really should have went “coastal cottage” out. When your dog is out on the deck barking at seals barking, then you have a right to have sea-themed decor.

Coastal Living white dining nook

I lust over oyster lighting. It’s a bit “brutal” in appearance and too “Grotto” for my decor. But, oysters are another cool thing about living next to the water. David and I have learned to love raw oysters. We aren’t oyster snobs yet, but I see it happening. It happens to people in the Seattle area. Anyways, I found these 2 rooms on Coastal Living website.

The first room is a white dining nook with incredible views. This room would be awesome regardless of lighting. But, I love the lighting/chandelier. It adds to this stark white space. *On a side note, I’ve realized that we’ve really underutilized white in our home. We have no rooms that are white. We are so obviously first time home owners that rented for many years. White didn’t seem appealing because we’ve stared at white apartment walls for years, but now I see the appeal. White is so seaside and coastal. But, if you do white, then do white. I like when everything is white.

The other room from Coastal Living is an adorable kitchen. It also features an oyster chandelier. It’s a white and rustic room. Rustic goes with a seaside cottage.

Coastal Living kitchen

Something is different with this oyster chandelier. It has pops of aqua. I love the pop of chartreuse on the cabinet door. This is a great way to deal with and work with a house if your cabinets are less than perfect. Take off the doors, paint everything crisp white. Keep one rustic door and paint it a bold color. It doesn’t even need glass. I would have added a bit of fancy trim to the top, but that’s me.You know the more I look at this, is this a kitchen or a bathroom? Anyways, you get the point.

I like oyster lighting, but I know there are many haters out there. They think it looks ugly, dirty, etc. That’s why I like it. It’s nature. Things in nature aren’t always beautiful or glimmer like crystals. The sea is rough and gritty. I think these are a cool way to bring that inside.

Now, these things are expensive. These “chandeliers” usually retail for $1k+ I know everyone looks at them and says, I can make one of these. They probably can, but I have a feeling it isn’t as easy as it looks. After collecting a ton of oyster shells either from a bar, the beach, or purchasing them and eating oysters for months, and you’ve drilled through 60+ oyster shells and secured them with wire, you’d charge at least $700 to do it for somebody else. And if you work full-time. It’ll never get finished.

These “style” of chandeliers are found at little seaside shops, especially in Savannah, GA. And on www.cottageandbungalow.com. (Great lighting on this site but expensive. Oh, check out their blog. It’s adorable).


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These beautiful “classic” white bathrooms are way out of my budget and priced out of my neighborhood, but I do like them. I seriously do not like the mega bathroom that HGTV and real estate agents drool over. I like a tiny, get in, get out kind of bathroom with adequate storage and luxurious fixtures. If I had a nice, old home in a pricey marble tile neighborhood, these would be the kind of baths that I would “invest” in.

bathroom by Bunny Williams

bathroom by Bunny Williams

The first bathroom is a tiny glimpse of an elegant bathroom designed by Bunny Williams. I love the crisp lightness of the bathroom paired with that rustic door and antlers. I love a back mounted faucet. I’m not a fan of wainscoting but I like it from floor to ceiling in this space. The vertical lines of the wainscoting work wonderfully with the “column” vanity. The sink has enough room for bar soap (I’m old school) and a candle. A candle makes any bath luxurious, right? And somehow this bathroom remains expensive and elegant looking even when we can see where they store their TP. This is impressive.

The other bathroom was featured in House Beautiful. There are many bathrooms featured in elegant home magazines that make think “where the heck do you live? On a private island. Or are you an exhibitionist?” This bathroom is lovely but one entire wall appears to be solid windows. This provides the most amazing light for a white bathroom but it does seem a bit unlikely for those of us that live in the city or in neighborhoods. However, you see the curtains and the curtain rod. It’s a classy and elegant fix that still allows for light to illuminate the space. What I like about this bathroom is that it “classic” the colors are simple, the floor is completely timeless, the clawfoot is elegant, and the light fixture is over the top. I can tell that I am not a fan of the bathroom vanity. It is trying to hard to have that Parisian flea market chic-ness. I can ignore that. This is a very luxurious bathroom done in a very classic style.

House Beautiful bathroom

I do have a question. Why do people put upholstered chairs in bathrooms? What am I missing here? Does this have some cultural significance that I am missing because I raised in the hood?


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Mary Greetis living room

I am attracted to a Hollywood Regency style. I like for things to be over the top and costumey. Here are two living rooms that I have stumbled across that I like. The first room is a Mary Greetis living room. It’s pretty stark and really benefits from the pops of red orange. It isn’t very Hollywood Regency but it is quirky and fun thanks to the Jonathan Adler lamps. We have 2 picture windows in our great room this size and it is nice to see how others decorate with such a ridiculous aquarium windows.

The other room is from somewhere. I can’t remember. It is just a close-up of a mantel but I do like quirkiness of it all. It’s a good use of symmetry. The red really pops in this space as well. And I need to find a use for all of the silly 60’s-70’s Baroque style picture frames and mirrors that I have collected from thrift stores and spray painted over the years. I think that this display is a nice use of somebody’s collection.

I think this last room fits more of the Regency style. It’s symmetrical.

These rooms aren’t OTT Hollywood Regency but they do have a retro Regency “don’t take yourself too seriously” vibe.


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We really underused white during our renovation. Now that I am design exhausted, I feel that white would of been the way to go. It’s simple and fitting, especially for bathrooms. The only two “big” projects that we have left are the bathrooms. One have one full-size bath (as full-size as a 1930’s bathroom comes) and a “powder” room. I’m halfway finished with the full bath. I can’t decide what to do with the powder room. We keep changing our minds.

This first bathroom is very nice, very simple. I like its simplicity but I do fear that my “flamboyant” personality will grow tired of this. This really would be my exhausted design choice. I love those beams. Those will never be in this house. Oh, and a bathroom this size will never be in this house either unless I decide to convert a bedroom into a bath. Lame.

The other room is a rustic bathroom. I apologize. I have also forgot where this one came from. This is more our speed. It appears to be a tiny, realistic bathroom. I do like the wainscoting going all the way up the wall. I look as wainscoting as the paneling of today. I do fear that it will be horribly dated. I am considering wainscoting because the plaster in the powder room is well, crumbly and thin. Frink smushes his smushed, flat face against the wall and it dents. We need to come up with something to solve this problem. Anyways, I like this 2nd bathroom because it is so practical. It actually looks like it is lived in and they’ve had to create storage for an older bathroom. David’s solution is to get rid of my skincare rituals. This will never happen. He better be ready to hang up some shelves.


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I’m not one to decorate with paper lanterns. They just don’t fit with our house and our design. OK, so I mean that I haven’t found a way for them to work with our house or our design. I do find them attractive. They are so fragile, weightless, and light but they take up so much space and really can make a great focal point for a room. For something so “flimsy”, it can really make a statement. They are usually inexpensive and add whimsy to a space. If you add them to a room, it makes that room feel like a party and very festive.

I did find this really cute room in British Vogue. It’s a bit too cottage chic for my style but I do like it. (Don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate cottage style. I’m just not in the place or the home for it). I often find that when I see paper lanterns in decorating, it is often in a room for a teen or child. Paper lanterns can look too young and too dorm-like. This room may be country cottage, but at least it looks grown-up. This isn’t a dollhouse cottage. It’s quirky and fun. The lamp really pops against the paleness of the room. It’s a nice piece of art, a focal point, to have in this family room/library. I love red used as an accent. I’m such a sucker for it. David and I have decided that blue would be our new red, but I don’t think that has lasted.

pic found in British Vogue

I love red and vermillion and carmine. I also love these country cottage curtains against the red floral lantern. If you are going to have a country cottage you might as well mix floral prints.

Anyways, I also like the concept of this room and not just its style. I love that it is a library styled family room/dining room. Children can get homework help there. Children and adults can do art projects. Grown-ups can drink tea and look at design blogs on their laptop. It’s a nice use of that space without looking like a typical family room. It’s cute enough to entertain in. And it looks very “budget” friendly. These are the kind of pieces that one can collect from yard sales, thrift stores, and International markets.

Well, we’re renting that industrial buffer today to finish up the hardwood floors downstairs today. Boy, are my abs going to hurt tomorrow. Buffers belong in a rodeo.


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