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powder blue vintage bathroom

Canadian House and Home blue bathroom

I can’t wait for our bathrooms to be finished. I’m no longer looking for design inspiration for these rooms, just looking for time and money to finish them, but I can still take the time out to appreciate nice vintage designed bathrooms. Both of the baths featured in this post have a vintage, old home feel paired with serene powder blue paint. I love an “old” feeling bathroom.

This first powder blue bathroom was featured in Canadian House and Home. This bath has a very traditional feel with the crisp white tiles and nice woodwork. I love the robin’s egg blue shade used. It looks very clean against the white. The black metal lighting and black mirror add a needed contrast to the room. The black adds elegance. It’s all very simple and it all works. I also like the vanity. I dislike bulky vanities. I don’t see the entire bathroom in this picture making it difficult to comprehend the size of the space. But, I think it is a smaller bath and I know it has lower ceilings. Look at how high the mirror is. This space appears to have a lower/normal height ceiling. I do hate the recessed lighting, but that’s me. Could this be a finished basement bathroom? I don’t know. That’s what I always think when I see recessed lighting: finished basement.

The other powder blue bath was featured in House Beautiful. It has the same feel. It’s classic and traditional and feels tranquil with light blue. It also has lovely tile floors. I love any black/white tile floors. This room is the same color combo as the 1st bath featured but reversed. Check out that subway tile. I love this look in a bathroom. This is a nice and simple bathroom too. It has all the timeless elements, nothing too trendy. The chrome fixtures work nicely. If this was my bathroom I’d have to get rid of the decoration on the toilet. I always find that weird. And the bottle beside the toilet is really strange to me. I don’t know why it is there. It makes me think of, well to put it nicely, camping or a long road trip. Really gross, sorry to mention it.

light blue and white bathroom

House Beautiful vintage feeling blue bathroom

Both baths have the same feel and the same colors. They have bright white and tranquil powder blue with black accents and a more saturated blue thrown in (waste basket in the 1st and strange toilet decor in the 2nd).These baths are simple and despite their “old” feel they seem to go with many styles. I feel that lots of money can be spent on bathroom remodeling, so try to keep it looking classic so it doesn’t feel too dated, if that makes sense 🙂



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This weekend Tudorks went to Portland to pick up much needed bathroom lighting from Rejuvenation. Yeah, Seattle has a store, but we need an excuse to get out of this renovation mess. And the Portland store has salvage.Is there anything that I love more than salvage? So we went on a Portland home salvage tour.

OK, so Rejuvenation is completely amazing. Being obsessed with antique lighting since I was a kid, this was totally awesome. So organized, so clean, and so big. Being in a reproduction lighting store in Portland was one of those “I’m back at the mothership” experiences. You can even get espresso. The salvage selection was tops, very much pieces from the area. So couldn’t find our speakeasy. But, we did get our Rufus Streamline Porcelain in Black. I’ve been waiting for this stupid lighting for what, a year now? I also picked up two reproduction jadeite pieces. Each retailing for under $20. Totally awesome.

We also went to Hippo Hardware. Amazing, amazing place with too much salvage selection. As I was told, I was “hippo-tized”. The place had a great Portland vibe. Traveling to Portland? Want to know what Portland is about? Go to Hippo Hardware. It’s eclectic, smart, and funny. I hope when I grow up, that I can be apart of their team. Rejuvenation was the sterile, clean “mothership” and Hippo Hardware was more Sun-Ra “Space is the Place” kind of mothership.

Weekend electrician David

So, really excited and super stoked and full on delicious vegan food, Tudorks, went home to install the Rufus. Well, David did the work. He’s more comfortable with the electrical, well, not too technical electrical. I hope I can learn cool stuff like wiring one day. Then I can make anything a lamp or light. I have to up my home improvement game. So, here’s David putting the light after a really long day. I hope that I can show a before and after post of the bathroom sometime this summer. The bathrooms were the last projects we decided to tackle and I’m sick of them. I’m glad we took our time. We seem to make better choices when we take our sweet time.

So the Portland trip was awesome. Portland was the reason we moved to the PNW. But, we couldn’t get jobs in the tiny town. All this little trip did was remind us why we are here and helped us set goals. Yeah, goals to move to Portland, again. But, in a sick way, it’s been a nice motivator to finish the house. I’m taking any motivator I can get right now to push through this project.


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The bathroom floor, excuse the messy glue. I'm working on it.

The bathroom floor, excuse the messy glue. I'm working on it.

While we were waiting to close on this house, I was able to thoroughly plan every room out in detail. I had a style journal and was ready to go. This has been very helpful. We’ve been able to jump into many rooms and start working. So far the one room that has not worked out has been the main bathroom upstairs. I had planned for it to be crisp, solid white. I thought the floor tiles were white hexagons (nope). I thought I would have shiny chrome fixtures, glamorous lighting, and I would paint one of my Brocade Home style mirrors a crisp white. It was going to be white, shiny, clean, and OTT. Well, for me to get that I am going to spend much more than I had planned. After I ripped up the 70’s self-adhesive tile flooring, I did not find dainty white tiles. Instead I found a mix match of tiny squares yellowed over time by the glue. Around the floors and walls there is a super shiny black tile. These 2 things do not mix very well. After doing some 30’s research and after convincing myself the black was added much later, I found that this was very typical of a 30’s home. Many people in the neighborhood have the same black tiles. Colors in the 30’s were pretty brash and not complimentary by our standards. We have sanitary white streamline fixtures, shiny black tile, buttery yellow walls, and tiles that are mainly off-white with tiny tiles of jade, baby blue, pink, eggplant, black, and tons of others. I do not want to lose my vintage fixtures but I was hating the floors. How could I make this work for now? Well, I have to have an entirely new direction. No more monochrome white. I was going to go “traditionalist” to the house and I’m going to go Art Deco. So here’s the plan on how to make this work without doing major renovations and “keeping it real”: bathroomideas

-The sink has to be replaced. Don’t worry, the current one isn’t the original. I’m going to replace it with a hanging sink or as David calls them “the urinal sink”. I bought one and it was only $32. Bonus. The awful vanity lighting will be replaced by the black Rufus overhead lighting from Rejuvenation (pictured in my style idea collage). I really want sconces but that means ripping up the plaster and I just really do not feel like dealing with all of that.

-There is no mirror in this space. I would like to have an Art Deco styled mirror. I’ll find one, just give me sometime.I don’t think the one in my collage will go with the lighting but I’ll find something. I’m thinking of salvaging one from a waterfall dresser. Or maybe I can find a cute medicine cabinet at one of the salvage stores.

-The accessories will be the streamline porcelain ones from Rejuvenation as well. This ties in the black glossy tile around the floor. The house has deco hardware. Bonus. I’ll get some black hooks or chrome hooks to go in there.

– The walls will be painted a rich jade shade. I think this will do. It isn’t something I would normally choose but I really think it will bring out the jade in the floor tiles, look great with the glossy black, and look good with dark woods. It will add more of a masculine feel to the room like a cigar lounge. It will still be very deco. Think a Tamara de Lempicka painting with a gangster slap in the face.

– I want a set of waterfall end tables to put in there for storage. I’ll have my deco perfume bottles courtesy of Guerlain and Tom Ford’s lovely bottles plus cigar boxes holding things like hair pins.

– Other items will include a black or zebra print bath rug so we don’t bust our bottoms on the tile (and it will cover it up, haha). I also want a pop of red somewhere. This jade with lacquer black demands it. I’m thinking a lush vase or a house plant. I don’t know yet but something in there must be a rich red. I may incorporate that into perfume bottles. Samsara?

Some obstacles in the space include: The tub is surronded by sometype of plywood painted white. Yep. This must be removed. Should I tile around the tub? If I do what color? It’s all very overwhelming. I don’t think I am cut out for bathrooms.


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I have no idea what is going on with me and pink lately. I have never disliked pink, but it has never been my favorite color. I seriously think I am trying to defeat the “guyness” of the house we are buying. I mean what chick would allow the cabinets to be covered in fur, a babe silhouette mural, or well, crazy amounts of sick mess? It’s like I am trying to balance the house by making everything pink. Anyways, I am thinking of painting the powder room downstairs, the half bath, the same shade of pink that I will do my boudoir with. It will help provide some flow of color on the bottom level. I don’t know yet but it is what I am leaning too currently.

I absolutely love this pink bathroom I found on a design blog. pinkbathroomOf course this bathroom is much larger than our powder room. I mean it even has a fireplace. But, I love what is going on in this bathroom. This ballet pink is the color that I have found for the boudoir. (Boy, do I ever hope it turns out like this shade). I have a mirror that looks very similar, which I will spray paint a white or putty. I was also planing on adding black accents if we painted the bathroom pink. It adds an edge and keeps it from being too nursery. I have a flashy frame that I have spray painted glossy black. It houses a H.G. Lewis autograph and “Paint Me Blood Red” print. I’ve got all of these accessories in storage: birdcages, black shelves, that certain gothic lolita type stuff. I can’t wait to pair it with pink. However, we are thinking of doing the floor in a light green composite linoleum tile that is an avocado green shade. It should work. Pink is one of my new favorite neutrals.

I also like this all white bathroom that has a bit of pink accents that I found shared on Flickr. I just want to add a bit of pink here and there for the house to know that a lady lives there. I feel that this second bath is a good compromise. It isn’t as offensive and can easily be changed. girlywhitebathroomHowever, it is still very romantic. And most importantly, it looks clean and fresh. I must confess that I probably just like it because it has painted hardwood floors and a clawfoot tub. That’s a winning combo by my standards.

So, these are a few pretty “pink” bathrooms that I wanted to share. I was really disappointed to be purchasing an older home to fix up that didn’t have pink bathroom fixtures. I have always dreamed of having a bathroom with a perfect pink tub, toilet, sink. This has been my dream since childhood. And yes, I would go all out. I’m talking pink flamingo accessories and mint green rugs. There is an awesome blog that I absolutely adore, www.savethepinkbathrooms.com. Well, I don’t have a pink bathroom to save (I’m trying to create one the best that I can) but I do have a pink kitchen to save and I’ll be sure to share that with all of you.


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Who doesn’t love an all white bathroom? It’s screams cleanliness and looks like it would simplify your life. It’s crisp and it has never been out of style. If you want to add color, than do it with accessories, towels and stuff like that. I’m thinking of doing the upstairs bathroom in an all white color palette. I hope to put up my vintage Brocade Home styled mirror, have shiny fixtures, white tile (a pain in the arse to clean), and walls that are a shade of white with the faintest tinge of gray. This has been my plan, if we ever get into that house to start remodeling. Anyways, I am trying my damnest to stay positive and thinking about French bulldog puppies, humid florals, carnival glass, and decorating. This makes me happy.


Country Living bathroom

The first bathroom is from Country Living Magazine. I like it because when I started searching for bathrooms online all you get are these humongous, monster bathrooms that are at least 1000+ square feet. My life will not have the jumbo bathroom complete with hot tub and an entire sitting room furniture set and a flat screen TV and wine bar. I will have a 30’s bathroom, tiny, efficient, but it can still be cute. I was happy to find a small, cute bathroom. It isn’t completely white but it is almost. I am attracted to this one because in my little mind I thought the tiles upstairs where white hexagon under the awful linoleum. When we walked back through, it isn’t. It is more like this tile. I was heartbroken. I wanted white tile with white subway tile. I wanted it to be the “original”. But, when I found this and saw how they kept that clean and neutral vibe, it made me happy. Maybe I can use that floor. It’s a tiny bath that is still cute and very functional. I love the gray shade add a few more squirts of white and I’ve got my ideal shade for my bathroom. It’s a cute and simple bathroom.


My "dream" bath

Sorry HGTV but I have never fallen for the colossal master bath bull hockey. I do not want to bust out A Picture of Dorian Gray and relax on a plum velvet chaise lounge, well, at least not in my bathroom. Bathrooms are for hygiene. Not as an oasis, go to a freaking spa for that. I want to go in with Ghost Busters attire and be able to bleach blast everything in sight. And I’d rather spend my dough on making a living space more efficient, investing in a studio, something that doesn’t get doo-dooed in. Plus, I have no desire to clean these fairytale bathrooms. If I had one I would pay somebody to clean the floor to ceiling tile and all those extra showers. I would rather have actual living space. My bathroom is a room that is necessary, not a room to make me feel rich or pampered. If I can’t have the solid black marble Valentino bathroom (or the mansion), then I’ll have my little functional white bath. This other bathroom is my “dream” bathroom. It’s large but still realistic. I love the tile, the tub, the little Saarinen side table. This is my “oasis” bathroom. But, the house we are supposed to be closing on someday, does not have clawfoot tubs. It was more of a “modern” home at the time with “modern” fixtures. The bathrooms aren’t really designed for clawfoots and I really don’t want to do a huge bathroom renovation. Not now. I just want a place to live.


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Martha Stewart's all pink cottage.

As you can tell if you look at the First Impressions entry, this home has not had a woman’s touch in well, at least 40 years for sure. No lady would put up with the custom van look for their home. Since I am married, I’ve always tried to keep the  decor gender neutral to respect David’s presence in the home. This hasn’t been difficult since David always has an opinion and is actively involved with this kind of stuff. I think I may be rebelling against the disorganized masculine mess that we will be calling home, I’m going pink. Yep, pink. Yep, we don’t have a little girl with a princess complex and we aren’t planning a nursery. I want pink. I’ve been “attracted” to these pretty pink rooms for sometime, keeping them in little inspiration folders, but never thinking I would do it. I’m getting a teeny tiny room to turn into my “boudoir”, my little nook of all things that I enjoy smelling, touching, and looking at. This will be the new home for the fragrance collection, Gig prints, and soft lush fabrics. This room will be pink. It took me a long time to determine the color, haha, actually it was a choice that would otherwise be too painful due to my indecisive nature, I let the mistint gods make the decision for me. It matched my ballet pink top at the moment and it made sense. It is a color that goes very nicely with my complexion. This is my “big” girl’s room and I might as well go over the top XX with it. David has no complaints since this “room” is what many would consider a walk-in closet, tiny and out of the way. (Oh, the door is getting painted raspberry, courtesy of the mistint gods).

I suggested that if we had any paint leftover then we should paint the downstairs powder room the same color, pretty pale pink. (It matches the kitchen counter, which I will be keeping, too darn cute and retro).  And to my surprise David agrees. I would of never have guessed this in a million years, I was prepared for a moan. David isn’t Mr. Macho, but he is a guy. I think he agrees because A. it is cheap and every penny saved is a Sputnik lamp earned and B. I think he sees what happens to a house when there is no presence of a lady (yep, I’m going to excluding Miss Larger-than-Life mural babe, even though she is a female presence in the house, she doesn’t count). We already decided this is where the signed H.G. Lewis poster will go. Exploitation media should make any home less feminine…

The room above is the living room from Martha Stewart’s pretty much monochrome pink cottage, this resembles my mistint the most. And from what I understand, this mistint may be because of Martha, she is mum about the color used in her cottage. It’s top secret, her Bush’s baked beans family secret. I think she can’t make a buck from it so she doesn’t care.


Southern room.

The second room is from a southern home magazine (Southern Accents?). This pink is much bolder than what I plan on using but I love it. Maybe some day. I would pair my with much more stuffy and formal and “traditional” furniture with eye scalding shades of acid with black or espresso accents. Seriously, the more I look at this pic, the more I want to do the living room this color. I have found a million other pink room on the world wide web. I do love them, especially when they are mixed with lots of nice antiques and all the lovely vintage things I collect. I have a good feeling about the pink rooms that we will have. I really do and if we hate them then there is a nice mistint somewhere waiting to go on top of it.


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I’m at full fledged panic mode now. We are supposed to close in two days but we haven’t heard from anybody. I feel like this entire process has taken a million years. I mean I guess 60 days is normal , especially these days, but still I feel like we’ve been worried senseless about getting this house for sometime. The current place we are living in will not let us go month to month rent like they said they would and last Friday, I pretty much received an eviction letter telling us to be out by the end of this month. Naturally, this freaks me out because I have never been told to leave a place. (BTW, our property management team sucks and I pretty much hate their guts and I hope it takes at least 6 months for this place to get rented.) And we haven’t officially “purchased” the home and this new home is not move in ready. Like it isn’t safe, see David’s previous post. So we need this process to hurry up. Sooner is better than later. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.


The kitchen

Anyways, I thought that I would share my first impression of a few rooms on the first floor of the house just in case something doesn’t work out, then you guys can make me feel better if I have to start all over.


The kitchen and its wonderful wallpaper.

Above is the kitchen. Notice the most amazing mod felt wallpaper ever. Too bad I can’t use it or salvage it. It is just too nasty. Notice the mess in the middle of the floor. It is a pretty big kitchen, well at least according to us but we couldn’t walk through it. And please take the time to stare in disbelief of the blue faux fur covered cabinets. I know that releasing this pic will cause all of America to do the same to their own. Also, take a look at the 2 mini fridges stacked upon each other. It is filled with Ensure and Natural Light Beer.


A bedroom under all the mess.

We have what I believe is supposed to be a bedroom. It is literally stacked to the ceiling with stuff including: a red faux fur 8-track mini bar, a king sized mattress, bed, fuzzy couch, and a rack of elk antlers. We also noticed that there were new cabinets and counter tops, sinks, etc. as if a renovation was going to happen.


Powder room

This is the half bath/powder room. It needs some love and a sink that is not just leaned up against the wall. Please take the time to appreciate the faux fur red door. All the doors in the house take on this theme. If you think you can handle anymore of a first impression, please continue the tour to the upstairs. I save the best for last, friends.


The porno room

This is the bedroom, a peek into the world upstairs in this house. She is huge. She was his girlfriend when he was 16, rumor has it. What is in the middle of the clutter? Well, a pimp blue faux fur king sized water bed, stacked with pounds and pounds of polyester suits and blankets. Look no light fixtures! And the sticky remains on the ceiling of what used to hold the mirrors.

This has been a look into what I first saw when I walked into the house. I will keep the silver foiled wallpaper bathroom a mystery. I will not show you the scary basement or the other bedrooms that are piled sky high. Either talk some sense into me or encourage me. I’m an anxious wreck right now.


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