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Mess striped painted walls

"Messy" stripes from Living Etc.

You guys know I really like painted or wallpaper striped walls. It’s a reoccurring them here on the Tudorks blog. I like stripes. They’re visually striking. I came across this gray and white room on Living Etc. I love the gray and white stripes, this is a nice neutral color combo. This office or studio is a bit masculine they way that it is decorated here, but you could pair this with a robin’s egg blue or pink to make it more feminine.

Yeah, gray and white = nice color combo. But, that isn’t what I really love about this little room. It’s the stripes. Love the messy, freehand stripes. This would be so easy to do. I can tell that the white was added over the battleship gray. Stripes don’t have to be perfect. And if you are a DIYer like us, then you probably won’t get perfect even if you tried. So this is “intentional” messiness. All you need to do is to get your spacing right, don’t worry about a crisp edge. I also like it in this Living Etc. room because it seems to be an office or a studio. We see art supplies and these stripes are creative, resembling an artist’s brush strokes.

So, what do you think? Do you think this would look silly and like a 5-year-old did it, if you saw it in person? Or do you think this adds a cute quirkiness to a room? I think it is a nice take on stripes. I won’t be doing it because stripes in general don’t fit with our home.

Today I’m fine cleaning the bathroom. My nostril hairs are singed from bleach. I’m hoping to finish this bathroom someday! And then we have a powder room to complete…I’ve also had a stupid day filled with spiders and smashing my thumb in a 1930’s solid wood door, the same door that broke my toes this time last  year.



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This is one of my favorite pictures of interior  inspiration. I absolutely love Adam Wallacavage’s octopus chandeliers and pretty much any “other” chandelier of his. Swoon, swoon, swoon. This is a dreamy room complete with all of my favorite things. It doesn’t get much better than this. There is no reason for me to comment on this room. One day my house will be finished and it will be this fabulous.

I really need a white octopus chandelier or perhaps a vermilion one for the creepy great room. www.adamwallacavage.com

Now excuse me. I have been painting a dining nook to get it more appropriate for a spy drama set in a 1965  swank hotel in Hong Kong. Ghost Whisperer reruns are on and I have a 2 Buck Chuck chilling in the freezer. Have a nice evening.


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