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David and I are trying to take control of our space. We have rooms that we never spend time in. I think we are used to living in a smaller space. Those “other” rooms aren’t really useful. We spend most of our time doing “desk” things from writing, blogging, and inking. I’m thinking of establishing “mini-offices” throughout the house. A mini-office for inking, his and hers laptop mini-office etc. Here are 2 quaint studies that I like. These have an industrial warehouse type of “raw” vibe.

Anthropologie "study"

The first one is a open loft room that I found Anthropologie. This space is nothing like my home. It’s big and open with exposed bricks. Terrible overhead lighting. But I love the look. It’s raw and rough and if I had an urban loft, this is what I would want it to look like. This “study” is obviously not a study, except for a study of the Edison style lighting sold at Anthropologie. But, like I said before I like the feel of this. I’m thinking we could have a little desk like this with an aluminum stool in the studio or something. We could do computer stuff, something like that. I really just want a place to put my industrial lighting and apothecary jars of old knob & tube wiring we have from the house. Why am I such a sucker for industrial rustic look?

This other room or “study” is from Rejuvenation. It’s a bit more functional of a space and it resembles my home more than the Anthropologie loft. The Rejuvenation space has exposed bricks as well, but better lighting (expected from a lighting retailer). This space has the same industrial, antiquarian vibe as the Anthropologie loft. Both of these spaces could be used a study nook or a Tesla-like mad scientist workshop nook. A little off subject, but I love the brass lighting featured here. I didn’t know that I liked pendant styled lighting so much.I knew I loved brass.

Rejuvenation study

I obviously do not have a turn of the century loft to call home. But, I feel I can get this same feel and vibe in my house. I also like the idea of shoving a mini-office in any room. It makes me feel like I’m creating more versatility in my living space. However, I fear that if I put a desk in more than one place that it will get loaded with unsightly papers, bills, etc. They’ll never look as industrial chic as these 😦



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This weekend Tudorks went to Portland to pick up much needed bathroom lighting from Rejuvenation. Yeah, Seattle has a store, but we need an excuse to get out of this renovation mess. And the Portland store has salvage.Is there anything that I love more than salvage? So we went on a Portland home salvage tour.

OK, so Rejuvenation is completely amazing. Being obsessed with antique lighting since I was a kid, this was totally awesome. So organized, so clean, and so big. Being in a reproduction lighting store in Portland was one of those “I’m back at the mothership” experiences. You can even get espresso. The salvage selection was tops, very much pieces from the area. So couldn’t find our speakeasy. But, we did get our Rufus Streamline Porcelain in Black. I’ve been waiting for this stupid lighting for what, a year now? I also picked up two reproduction jadeite pieces. Each retailing for under $20. Totally awesome.

We also went to Hippo Hardware. Amazing, amazing place with too much salvage selection. As I was told, I was “hippo-tized”. The place had a great Portland vibe. Traveling to Portland? Want to know what Portland is about? Go to Hippo Hardware. It’s eclectic, smart, and funny. I hope when I grow up, that I can be apart of their team. Rejuvenation was the sterile, clean “mothership” and Hippo Hardware was more Sun-Ra “Space is the Place” kind of mothership.

Weekend electrician David

So, really excited and super stoked and full on delicious vegan food, Tudorks, went home to install the Rufus. Well, David did the work. He’s more comfortable with the electrical, well, not too technical electrical. I hope I can learn cool stuff like wiring one day. Then I can make anything a lamp or light. I have to up my home improvement game. So, here’s David putting the light after a really long day. I hope that I can show a before and after post of the bathroom sometime this summer. The bathrooms were the last projects we decided to tackle and I’m sick of them. I’m glad we took our time. We seem to make better choices when we take our sweet time.

So the Portland trip was awesome. Portland was the reason we moved to the PNW. But, we couldn’t get jobs in the tiny town. All this little trip did was remind us why we are here and helped us set goals. Yeah, goals to move to Portland, again. But, in a sick way, it’s been a nice motivator to finish the house. I’m taking any motivator I can get right now to push through this project.


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I love industrial touches in living spaces. As a younger person, I always dreamed of having that cool, urban, industrial loft with exposed brick and pipes. I don’t live in a cool, urban, industrial loft. But, I feel I can add some of those touches to my older home. Pendant lights are a great way to add a touch of that antique industrial look to any home. Here is a quick “guide” to a few industrial pendants on the market today. They aren’t listed as my favorites 1-10. I did that so you would know them in the collage.

#1 Industrial Pendant Lamp in Chrome –  This pendant can fit in both antique styled homes and modern style homes because of the chrome. And there is something a bit nautical about this one that I like. This pendant retails for $299. It is available at Z-Gallerie.

#2 Sandy Chapman Country Industrial Pendant Lighting – This pendant comes in a few sizes and a variety of finishes. I like these because the finishes are a bit more rustic but “classy”. This one retail for $987 and is available at Circa Lighting.

#3 Murray Feiss Parker Place Pendant – This is a smaller pendant, one light, but it has a nice turn-of-the-century feel. It comes in some great finishes from steampunk-ish Aged Brass to Dark Bronze. It retails for $179. It is available at Lighting Universe. I hear that Macy’s on-line is getting rid of this one and it retails for like $80.

#4 Barn Lamp – This has more of a country, rugged feel. But it comes in colors such as red, black, and silver. This makes it work with more modern looks. These look great in retro feeling dining nooks. It retails for $285 and is available at Design Within Reach.

#5 Wiley Industrial Cord Pendant – Want a very rugged, almost miner/prospector, industrial pendant? Based on Sears 1910 “trouble finder” lights, this pendant has a very cool warehouse feel. It is available in a few finishes and has an oak handle. It retails for $162 at Rejuvenation. This price really isn’t bad. I looked into getting similar antique 20’s ones wired for this purpose. It would of cost more (about $300) than the new and hopefully safer one.

#6 Restoration Hardware Single Industrial Pulley Pendant – Nothing looks much more industrial than pulleys. This light has an industrial look and the glass shade keeps it looking sophisticated for the home. This one retails for $219 at Restoration Hardware. Industrial lighting and furniture is “big” at Restoration Hardware, so don’t forget to check out some of their other pendants. They have a few (Maritime, Benson, Clemson, Royal Master Sealight).

#7 Bucket Pendant Lamp – This one has a pewter like finish. It retails for $248 (it’s smaller,not really the most bang for the buck) and is available at Anthropologie. Currently, Anthropologie is into industrial too. They have other options as well.

#8 Barn Light Wire Guard Industrial Pendant – This a cool “caged” pendant that is kind of sci-fi post-apocalyptic feel to it. Or to me it does. It comes in a variety of finishes. It’s customizable. The one pictured retails for $113. It is available at Barn Light Electric, a cool vendor with tons of this kind of stuff. Love to search their site.

#9 Progress Pendant Down-Light Pendant Light – You knew I had have a bargain one! Here is the budget industrial pendant! It comes in 3 finishes: brushed steel, white, and dark green. This one is simple and cool. It can be modern or rustic, it reminds me of DWR Barn Light (you know the one that retails for $285 and the one following that retails for $130). This one retails for $69, I told you it was a deal. You can get it at Lighting Showplace and even K-Mart.

#10 ANP Galvanized Barn Light – This one comes in a quaint galvanized finish that fits in with modern loft or farm house style. It retails for $130 and is available at Lighting Direct. This brand has lots of galvanized options ranging in price.

And of course don’t forget to check out your local salvage yards or Habitat for Humanity Thrift Stores. You’ll occasionally stumble across barn lights, especially if you are in a region that has more of this style. I’ve seen a few at our thrift store and I don’t know where a barn hides in this area (actually I think they came from a school/institution). The nice thing about my guide is that these are all new and wired to modern day standards, but you pay for new!


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Coming from a landlocked state to a state with generous coastline, I love anything “sea” related. Ocean stuff and aquatic life is so novel and exotic to David and me. We should really be playing up our proximity to the ocean in our home decor. We have a few things but I really should have went “coastal cottage” out. When your dog is out on the deck barking at seals barking, then you have a right to have sea-themed decor.

Coastal Living white dining nook

I lust over oyster lighting. It’s a bit “brutal” in appearance and too “Grotto” for my decor. But, oysters are another cool thing about living next to the water. David and I have learned to love raw oysters. We aren’t oyster snobs yet, but I see it happening. It happens to people in the Seattle area. Anyways, I found these 2 rooms on Coastal Living website.

The first room is a white dining nook with incredible views. This room would be awesome regardless of lighting. But, I love the lighting/chandelier. It adds to this stark white space. *On a side note, I’ve realized that we’ve really underutilized white in our home. We have no rooms that are white. We are so obviously first time home owners that rented for many years. White didn’t seem appealing because we’ve stared at white apartment walls for years, but now I see the appeal. White is so seaside and coastal. But, if you do white, then do white. I like when everything is white.

The other room from Coastal Living is an adorable kitchen. It also features an oyster chandelier. It’s a white and rustic room. Rustic goes with a seaside cottage.

Coastal Living kitchen

Something is different with this oyster chandelier. It has pops of aqua. I love the pop of chartreuse on the cabinet door. This is a great way to deal with and work with a house if your cabinets are less than perfect. Take off the doors, paint everything crisp white. Keep one rustic door and paint it a bold color. It doesn’t even need glass. I would have added a bit of fancy trim to the top, but that’s me.You know the more I look at this, is this a kitchen or a bathroom? Anyways, you get the point.

I like oyster lighting, but I know there are many haters out there. They think it looks ugly, dirty, etc. That’s why I like it. It’s nature. Things in nature aren’t always beautiful or glimmer like crystals. The sea is rough and gritty. I think these are a cool way to bring that inside.

Now, these things are expensive. These “chandeliers” usually retail for $1k+ I know everyone looks at them and says, I can make one of these. They probably can, but I have a feeling it isn’t as easy as it looks. After collecting a ton of oyster shells either from a bar, the beach, or purchasing them and eating oysters for months, and you’ve drilled through 60+ oyster shells and secured them with wire, you’d charge at least $700 to do it for somebody else. And if you work full-time. It’ll never get finished.

These “style” of chandeliers are found at little seaside shops, especially in Savannah, GA. And on www.cottageandbungalow.com. (Great lighting on this site but expensive. Oh, check out their blog. It’s adorable).


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Our great room lighting

I am aware that I complain about lighting frequently. I rarely find things that I like and if I do, it is expensive. I do feel that lighting is a nice investment since it adds so much character to your home. It may not make you money in the long run since it is such a taste game but it really does tie your look together. I can’t afford to purchase all of my dream lighting at once. Or maybe ever… The great room was difficult for us. We want a formal room, something creepy and stuffy. We also wanted to purchase antique period lighting but I couldn’t’ find anything to suit the home. The lighting was either too large for our 30’s suburban home or just too craftsman. Nothing seemed to fit our home’s personality. And I’m not paying $800+ for something that isn’t perfect. The room’s lighting was replaced by the previous owner with the ugliest and cheapest “spot” lighting ever. We had to get rid of it, quick. It was disgusting and only one light bulb worked. I wanted something nautical or octopus like, I can’t afford a Walacavage at this time. While rummaging through our Habitat for Humanity’s building salvage yard, I found this lighting. At 1st, hubby wasn’t having it. He thought it appeared too “normal” and “McMansion” or trying too freak’n hard to be affluent. I told him he had to trust me. And if he didn’t like it, we were only going to lose $8. I purchased globe vanity bulbs to make it look less traditional and to make it look more 60’s and octopus-ish. David put it up and really liked it. It goes well with our dark, cave-like room. And with bulbs and all, it was under $18.


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I don’t really know what I was going for in our bedroom. I just wanted to use the ceiling medallion that we got for $3. I wanted a bit more of a “gothic” lighting fixture but I didn’t want to spend $600. I purchased this faux colonial one on overstock.com for under $40. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted but it is a nice compromise. When doing a big renovation like this, you have to do that unless your pockets are lined with gold. As you can tell, the chain hasn’t been trimmed yet. Don’t judge us, this is a work in progress 🙂  This room is a bit silly, being that I have a robin’s egg blue painted 4 post bed , a ceiling medallion, a “chandelier”, satin curtains, etc. I did try to balance it with worn out leather doctor’s bags, luggage, and army trunks. Anyways, I just thought I would share some of the little progress we’ve made and my under $50 lighting.


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David and I have had a difficult time with choosing just the “right” lighting for this house. We’ve kept what vintage lighting that was left with the home. This has only been a few rooms. During the 1970’s and later, most of the lighting in our home has been replaced with the most boring and cheapest lighting options available. This is a shame because replacing it with period lighting is very, very expensive and time-consuming. We’ve spent months searching antique stores, salvage yards, websites looking for the kind of lighting that would have been in a middle class suburban home in the mid- 1930’s. The reproduction market is plagued with overly fancy items that would have never have been in this home to begin with. I have found a few antiques but they weren’t exactly what I was looking for and didn’t want to pay $500 for something I didn’t know if I liked or not. So…we’ve decided to put the search on hold. We have more important things to do. In the meantime we’ve decided to just replace what was in the house with something that we like better but isn’t expensive. We’re waiting for just the right thing.

In the studio, we didn’t have any lighting at all. When we purchased our home, there was just some rigged up extension cord contraption. The electricians wired the room for overhead lighting in the middle of the room. For many months we’ve had a boring bare bulb. Our wonderful neighborhood joined forces and started giving us lighting that had hanging around their basements. This is how we’ve ended up with our current studio lighting. It had a glass bulb with some floral etched design. We decided to remove it for more of a harsh, steampunk type of feel. I wanted an Edison bulb but those offer very little light. We’re using a “decorative” bulb instead. We’re calling it “The Days of Our Lives” fixture. Hey, it was free. No complaints.


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