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Yep, I am in need of a moon garden. I want an all white garden with rich, overwhelming fragrance. I want it to be a little retreat to enjoy our crisp Northwest evenings with a fluttering wind bringing the smells of the shore and of course lots and lots of flickering candles. I’ll sip from a black flute, wear wine lipstick, and just relax. This is my fantasy. In real life, I know that I will rarely tend to it because I will fear that snails  may come out at dusk. I also know that gardening is hard work. And since we are re-doing the house, I will find little time to “relax” and pull weeds and garden. But, still this is something that I want someday. I want to smell Angel’s Trumpets, jasmine, and flowering tobaccos, I want to see 4 o’Clocks, Evening Primrose, and Moonflowers. I also want lavender for its relaxing aroma and I know that it does pretty darn well and is happy here in Washington. And pots of fragrant and icy leaved herbs. This is my plan. Of course, I want for mine to be creepier and more gothic than the one pictured below, more like an entrance into a catacomb (geez, it may be, who knows what it is buried back there!). Perhaps decorated with the stupid things that come out for Halloween as decorations from places like Z Gallerie, white stone skulls, etc. Things like a black birdbath, oyster shells, mossy rocks, creepy statues, stuff that I see around and like. A vampire garden. There is a great inspiration board for a “Corpse Bride’s wedding garden” on this blog. See, I must not be the only weirdo wanting a creepy garden.



Moon garden from Domino


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