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officechestWhile I was wasting time looking at cute things on the internet instead of renovating a house, I found this pretty cool “home office” on marthastewart.com. It is a chest turned into an office or really just a nice storage place for your important paperwork. I like it because it is unsuspecting unlike a file cabinet. We all have paperwork we must keep but I find that it is hard to organize. I would love to transform an old steamer trunk into something like this. You could have the paperwork on the bottom of the trunk, hanging, and well organized, have other important stuff on the tray above. For me this would include the random stuff that I keep such as empty MAC cosmetic’s containers for the Back To MAC program or those monogrammed napkins from our wedding reception. The corkboard on top isn’t a bad idea. I just don’t know if I find it necessary for my use. Maybe you could paste important #’s and contacts up there. I don’t know, that’s why I carry a planner.

Anyways, I like this idea and would love to convert a beat up steamer into one someday. I used to love little projects like this but now I have a huge project to consume every last minute of my life…

Oh, and BTW, so happy to have the Internet back despite the holes in the plaster.



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