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Lychee Rose Fro-Yo Recipe

Here’s another one of my frozen yogurt creations. So far this summer, Lychee Rose fro-yo has been my favorite. It’s sweet and floral. And the color is so pink and saturated. The color gives Lychee Rose a presence like it is in a Bollywood film. Like all frozen yogurt recipes, this one is super easy.

First prepare your ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s directions. For me this requires pre-freezing the bowl. That’s why I keep in the freezer at all times. Never know when I want to create a new flavor!

You’ll need:

32 oz. (about 4 cups) of plain nonfat yogurt I use Trader Joe’s French Village Non-Fat Yogurt because I like the price and the texture.

20 oz. can of whole lychees in syrup There are many brands available. I have used Aroy-D and a few others. I pick up whatever is at the Asian market I’m at.

about 3 fl. oz. of rose syrup I really should be more keen on measuring things out. I usually add as much as I want. I think 2.5-4 fl. oz is enough. I use Dabur Rose Syrup. It’s my “comfort” rose syrup, the one brand that has always been in the pantry. I can’t say that it is the best but it is affordable and it makes for wonderful beverages. It’s my “soul food” rose syrup.

Because lychee syrup is so sweet and Dabur rose syrup is pre-sweetened, I do not add sugar. You could add about 1/4 cup to the mixture if you want a super sweet frozen yogurt.

In a blender dump the can of lychees and their syrup. Add the rose syrup. Blend the mixture until it is completely smooth, no chunks. If the lychees are still chunky, they’ll add an unpleasant texture to your frozen yogurt. Breathe in that aroma of this mixture. It’s a beautiful smell.

In a large bowl, combine the yogurt and lychee/rose liquid. Mix with a whisk. If you would like a sweeter mixture, now is the time to add the sugar. Mix until all ingredients are blended and (if you choose) the sugar is dissolved.

Put the mixture into your ice cream maker and freeze according to manufacturer’s instructions. I have to leave my mixture churning in the machine for up to 2 hours. The machine is deafening and I can seriously hear it when I stand at the street.

Spoon the yogurt mixture into a container. I usually use the yogurt container and Ball Plastic Freezer Jars (with the green lid). Freeze until mixture is firm about 2+ hours.

Before serving, let fro-yo soften so that it is easy to scoop. I find that this mixture needs a longer time to soften about 30 minutes before scooping. The mixture will be a bright pink. The more rose syrup the pinker it is. You could garnish this with a few lychees on a toothpick, like you would a lychee martini. I did not do this because I find lychees unattractive and a bit grotesque in appearance. And you could always garnish with culinary roses. This would be very beautiful and supper feminine. I really think that if this lychee rose fro-yo was garnished with roses that it would be the cutest thing to serve at a bridal shower or OTT girly girl birthday party.



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