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I have such a jewelry storage issue. I have many cute things that I often forget about. My jewelry storage solution that I have had for the past 5 years is a cardboard liquor box with different plastic baggies filled with vintage brooches, Etsy finds, and silly costume jewelry. This is a mess. I never wear any of it and I don’t even know what I have. I’ve been on a jewelry storage expedition. Since my life is a bit more permanent now that I’m not renting, I feel it is time to unpack the accessories. I’ve looked at jewelry armoires. They seem to be very practical with spaces for everything. However, I don’t wear earrings and the craftsmanship of such armoires seem to vary. I’ve missed all of Target’s mega jewelry armoire blow-outs after Christmas. Argh! I could of got a decent one for $30! Oh, well. I also want something cuter than the generic mass retailer jewelry storage solution. I would love to have an old piece of storage furniture from a pharmacy or something. That will take some time to find and it is costly. I really like this jewelry medicine cabinet that I found on marthastewart.com. This idea doesn’t hold too much but it would be nice for necklaces and brooches and hat pins. I always find cute 30s era medicine cabinets at our local Habitat for Humanity salvage outlet. I always want to pick them up but I can’t think of anything to do with them. Now I can. I could line it with a luxurious fabric and use adorable fleur de lys pin hooks to hold necklaces. I also come across metal cabinets. All I would need for those are magnetic hooks. This would also be a cute storage option for delicate fragrance oils. I would say that I could easily do this project for under $30 sans my valuable time.


Oh, and Happy Nowruz! We’ve had a great sunny, Saturday!


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Nanette Lepore's dressing room

I predict that I will never live in a place that will be big enough for me to justify having my own dressing room. But, I can dream about it, right? Currently, I have a closet sized boudoir and I feel “uptown” as my Southern grandma would say. I know if I continue to choose to live in older homes that I will never have a walk-in closet. It appears that a full-blown dressing room is my only option 🙂

This first featured dressing room is that of Nanette Lepore. Yep, I expect for this one to be magnificent and nothing less. This is a huge dressing room complete with romantic and over the top lightning and accessories. The ottoman has an Old Hollywood vibe and it wants you to set there and put on a pair of sparkling strappy pumps. Everything in this dressing room is organized so nicely. It’s a functional space that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to have a conversation in. Oh, and the dog is adorable. I think Frink has a crush on her.

This second dressing room featured in Living Etc. is my dream dressing room. It has that certain something that I like. Oh, that’s called antlers. Well, sometimes it’s horns. I drool over this dressing room. Look at that fireplace! (It feels a bit of a waste in that dressing room.) Both of these dressing rooms have great lighting. Oh, but I just love this one. The architectural details are superb no matter what one would choose to do with this room. I love how you can see all of the clothes/shoes. I know that center piece is filled with accessories.

Well, it looks like I am going to have to continue drooling over rich designer’s dressing rooms. I’m not going to have one any time soon. Maybe I can talk David into converting our studio into a giant dressing room for me. Wish me luck.


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I like this idea: a hidden office or writing nook. When we have lived in a place with a closet this size, it would of been nice to have. However, our closets never had an outlet to plug in electrical things and currently we don’t have a closet shaped this way to run electricity into. If you rent, you really can’t do improvements like that and it would be stupid to run an extension cord into your closet. And many people can’t afford to give up the wonderful real estate of closet space!

I would of used a folding chair so I could hide it in the closet when finished. But, I take it that this little white chair gets pulled up next to the white table. It works and it is a good idea for small space (but I don’t think this beautiful room with its amazing trim is what we would call small space!).

I should have adequate space for a writing nook, but I haven’t decided where to put it. My little paper goods are works of art and my journals are cute so I don’t mind having those out of the “closet”. I do write letters frequently and there is nothing I love much more than having all my pretty papers and fancy pens next to each other. It is one of life’s simple pleasures.

I think I got this photo from Sunset magazine.


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